1 Does the Compostela Architecture Institute provide accommodations?

2 Should I bring my computer/camera/video camera?

I am interested in enrolling in the summer program, but I already have an architecture degree. Will the program be a valuable experience for me?

4  What is the average age for the students attending the program?

5 Do I need to bring any studio tools or materials with me?

6 Is studio space provided?

Who will be teaching the Summer School?

8 How should I pay the tuition fee and the accommodations?

9 Does the CA institute have a scholarship program?

10 How many credits could I get for attending this program?

11 Will I have free internet access?

12 What is the easiest way to get to Santiago de Compostela?

13 Does the tuition fee include medical coverage during the summer program?

14  Is Santiago de Compostela a safe city?

15  It is possible to register in the summer program after the deadline?

16  What are the course requirements for the CA Institute summer program?